“New Catalogue 2019-2020”

New Catalog 2019-2020

Flip through the new Gruppe catalogue. Fresh and practical with many new models. Special attention was given to the colors of the appliances as well as the new series for the kitchen, home and personal care.
The new catalogue was printed on special paper in a high-quality print shop. The editing, designing and oversight of typographical work was done by Artnoise Designers.

Flip Pages

“”Designing the new multi chopper Gruppe” ”

Multi Chopper Gruppe

Gruppe company, with a strong past, present and future in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, invests in product certification and makes tests in certified laboratories to ensure their safe and reliable operation. The constant search for aesthetic originality and perfection led the company to its recent collaboration with Thanasis Babalis, the industrial designer of Thessaloniki. The result of the partnership is three devices – a drink mixer, hand mixer and a multi chopper.

“The presence of Gruppe at the press ”


EXPOSED, is a six-month, varied, bilingual, free press corporate magazine, which on the one hand highlights the profile of Thessaloniki and, on the other hand, presents the events organized by HELEXPO, as  to its exhibitors and visitors as  to the citizens of this place.

This issue presents reports, interviews, actions and events that will make the difference in the six-month period that follows in the business, cultural and commercial world of Thessaloniki. The presence of Gruppe marks this effort in its own place.