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For 7 decades, in the world of Gruppe every little detail makes a big difference. High quality materials are combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, through integrated studies. By seeking solutions that enhance efficiency, durability, reliability and environmental friendliness, we always achieve our goal: To provide the best possible product.



Discover the series of absorbers with Gruppe’s guarantee and take it to a new era where efficiency is combined with eco-friendly character, design and functionality. Offering an expanded range of options, we are sure to have the hood model that meets your requirements in the best possible and economical way.

Innovation by Gruppe – Designed in Greece

They suit you perfectly…

The small domestic appliances gruppe, are designed to fit seamlessly into your life , into your home, your kitchen, your beauty care, even your work. Choose from gruppe household an appliance that matches better your style and your space.

Design and aesthetics…

Gruppe appliances are characterized by their design and aesthetics. The designing of each appliance is a challenge for the company itself. They are distinguished for their lines and the great variety of colors, taking always into account the quality. The aesthetics perfection in each appliance is the result of the continuous studying of the international trends.

Two years Guarantee…

A valuable Guarantee. The Gruppe products are guaranteed and they have two years guarantee. The appliances are certified and have certificates that characterize their proper functioning.
In case of a failure, do not hesitate to visit the store you purchased the Gruppe appliance.

Gruppe designs the future by designing its own design line. The beginning of this initiative was the need for uniqueness, personalization and leadership. In a market saturated with similar ideas and designs, the air of renewal in technologies and designs is imperative. As a result of this need was the partnership with the award-winning designer Thanassis Babalis, who designed the new frapper, the new hand mixer and soon the new multipurpose grouppe.

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