PDH Emporio

74 Years of research and development

P & D Chatzigeorgiou OE is a Greek company, founded in 1946 by Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou and it is one of the first Greek import  companies. The company is based in Kalochori and it is directed  by Petros and Dimitrios Chatzigeorgiou. The last ones, are  continuing its successful development   by supplying domestic appliances to  the Greek and European market , through a big  network of partners,  under brand name Gruppe and Comfort .

The company is also an official importer in Greek and Cypriot market of the Dutch company KLEENAIR, which manufactures accessories for vacuum cleaners (bags, brushes , aromatics ).


The main feature of the company that makes it number one  to the consumer s heart is the special design of the devices, the unique color combinations and the guarantee of  an absolute safety , through a number of certifications that are carried out in order to preserve the standards set by the European Union regarding  the safety of electrical devices.


The company’s main  goal,  is the total  satisfaction of  consumer needs and its respect. For this reason, the company invests on research and development as well as in innovation, following the latest trends and technologies of electrical appliances.